PlugandPlay is a one-of-a-kind incubator, bringing together world-class entrepreneurs with top-tier investors and worldwide collaborators. Our entrepreneurs are world-class, and our businesses are hungry for expansion. Mentoring a PnPEgypt company in its early stages can be a worthwhile experience for these reasons.

TechWadi, a well-known non-profit in Silicon Valley, provides mentoring for PnPEgypt. PnPEgypt companies have access to dozens of advisers in Egypt, San Francisco, and across the world who are ready to assist them in their growth and expansion. Plug and Play Egypt supporters can join the TechWadi Mentoring Corps by filling out an application and mentioning their interest in PnPEgypt.

A few of the world’s most prominent firms and investors serve as mentors for our students. These people will serve as your mentors, business advisors, best friends, and lifelong mentors. You may find them a perfect resource of leadership or departmental expertise that can help your company expand faster.