Convection microwave ovens

Get to Choose the Best Convection Microwave Ovens

Convection microwave ovens are a nice blend between the speed of a conventional microwave oven and the traditional roasting qualities of a normal heat oven.

This type of oven uses a combination of microwave oven and convection oven features. This permits food to be cooked quickly and come out browned or crispy, like it emerged from a convection oven.

As a matter of fact, many of the convection microwave ovens available to the general public now, have very advanced cooking qualities and thus tremendous flexibility. One option that is really nice that many of these popular styles of ovens tote cook times of half their conventional oven partners with similar results!

Think about it, defrost, cook and finally grill your roast in half the time it too your mother to do exactly the same thing. Another nice option coming out is sensor cook options. Basically, the best convection oven monitors the moisture level of the food in the microwave and will automatically adjust cooking times and conditions dynamically.

Some of the convection microwave ovens also will also have a grilling or broiling option. This is much the same as your conventional broiling but with the ability to use microwaves to warm more of the food being broiled.

All of this flexibility can come a price though. You’ll normally find that the convection microwave oven will command a higher price than a standard convention or microwave oven. But there can be the argument of increased energy savings when using the convection microwave oven, so maybe there is a long term trade-off. But you still enjoy the time and money savings of loansjar.

Another matter to consider is the fact the a microwave oven can have food splatter in it, thus it must be cleaned up regularly, because when the convection elements turn on, they can burn the food splattered on them, possibly emitting smoke or a bad smell.

Do not be disturbed if your convection microwave oven comes with a metal rack within it. Most are designed to operate just fine with the metal rack in place when using the microwave features. But be cautioned that you shouldn’t use foreign metal within convection microwave ovens, because the metal will reflect the microwave energy and damage your oven.

Convection microwave ovensI personally enjoyed the benefits of a convection microwave oven, in my bachelor days ,the speed and excellent cooking qualities to cook up meals for myself and roommate for many years.

Microwave Convection Combo Oven

There can be many reasons to choose the microwave convection combo oven. One question that I’ve seen in forums is, is the microwave feature in a combo oven as in a standard microwave oven? Is anything lost with the extra functionality?

The fast answer to this question is a firm no. The only factor that limits the power output of the microwave element, called a magnetron, in either unit is the magnetron’s power rating.

You’ll normally see a microwave oven or microwave convection combo oven will a wattage rating. This can vary from around 800 watts to up to 2,000 watts.

This will be the power rating of the magnetron within the unit. The higher the wattage, the ‘hotter’ the microwave can cook. Essentially, you must remember that it is the factor that more microwave energy can be created, thus speeding up the cooking process.

Another question that I’ve seen posed is in regards to the ability to select which cook options you choose when cooking. This is normally available in most microwave convection combo oven units. You would be permitted to select convection or microwave cooking solely. Or you can choose more complex cooking programs that combine both convection and microwave cooking together.

A question that is quite important is, is there any lose of flavors when cooking in a microwave convection combo oven unit? As a nice bonus, standard microwave ovens have suffered from an unnatural result of cooking because we are so used to cooking with heat and the results from it. Such as browning, crisping and the flavors produced by this style of cooking.

Well, I have good news. Because it is a combo unit, you can literally have your cake and eat it too! The microwave convection combo oven gleans the benefits of microwave cooking, such as speed and defrosting ability with the benefits of convection cooking, such as browning, crisping and speed of cooking over a standard oven.

So, I have nothing but good news if you are in the market for a new microwave convection combo oven. I do believe that your only problem will be which one you’ll choose. Also, take the time to learn how to cook this new way.

There are differences that you need to take note of. Don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson if they have any cook books or recommendations for cook books on how to cook with this new oven.

So, I hope you enjoy your need microwave convection combo oven as much as I enjoy my own. If you keep the inside clean between meals, you should enjoy years of enjoyable cooking with this unique cooking unit!